About the designer

Ramona Stoica - designer Helder Antwerp
Ramona Stoica - designer Helder Antwerp

“For me, the steps involved in the making process — from considered techniques and responsible material choices to iterative prototyping — are as important as the final product.”

Born in 1981 in Romania, Ramona moved to Antwerp in 2002 to pursue her dream of living abroad and to study fashion design at the Academy (“Beeldende Kunsten van Berchem & Instituut Roger Avermaete”).

Being an award winning student in Monaco with her famous denim dress was a tipping point for Ramona to establish her own fashion label in Antwerp in 2017, Helder Antwerp.

Hand designed prints, sustainable premium materials & innovative processes are translated into an ethical high-end designer brand that offers a play between feminine romanticism and powerful independence. The brand taps into the need to state your independence but with a more romantic undertone whilst it blends femininity and power.

Ramona always approaches her collection with a romantic, artful perspective.
The Helder look is distinct: the color palette and design always feminine, the fabrics innovative and future-proof, the tailoring luxurious thanks to dedicated craftsmanship in her local Romanian atelier.