If for one thing, these challenging times have learned us to stay true and close to ourselves. Our lives have changed so much that it even has had an impact on our wardrobe. Some people have switch over to homewear & loungewear whereas others still dress up for work.

This collection is all about making you feel good and comfortable. Whether that is curled up on the couch with a book or having a business video call and wanting to feel your powerful you.

turtleneck sweater kimbra azure blue
turtleneck sweater kimbra mint green
turtleneck sweater kimbra off-white

With this fall drop you can have both. The knitwear is the softest, warmest & fluffiest you can imagine thanks to the innovative yarn we used. Don’t let your eyes fool you. Yes, the yarn looks like alpaca wool but no it’s not. It is organic cotton with the look & feel of alpaca wool but without the sometimes itchiness wool can cause. This makes the pieces 100% suitable for all those sensitive feeling skins and 100% vegan proof.

The blazer and trousers of this drop are made out of bamboo and are real statement pieces: wear them together and create your very own power suit. The design and production are a true work of craftsmanship.

We hope you enjoy these new creations.

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PS: As a slow fashion label we couldn’t be more happy with the introduction of our vegan knitwear. It is something we are extremely proud of.

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