Two power ladies brooding over a collab… That can only mean magic!

One sunny morning, when Tiany and Ramona sat together to talk fashion, sustainability, motherhood, life and Latina roots over a coffee, a collection was born. At Helder sustainability is at the core of our DNA. For fashionista Tiany, supporting Belgian sustainable brands is her second nature. That’s how this limited edition collab became an ode to Belgian, slow fashion.

The dresses are made to make you feel feminine and confident, they are made out of leftover fabrics (which would otherwise end up into the incinerator) and they are 100% designed and produced in Antwerp, Belgium.

The base of the collection is patchwork. This ancient technique has been used throughout history worldwide: from the Egyptian to the Chinese over the Japanese, Western European and American history. It was often used as a way to recycle worn clothing into warm quilts.
So for this collection, different kinds of leftover fabrics were mixed and matched together resulting in 3 beautiful color&print combinations.

In total only 20 dresses are made and they are all number. So unique!

We hope these dresses bring you as much joy as they brought us while designing them!

Tiany & Ramona

Enough with the talking,

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